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Jamu Juice

Jamu Juice has anti-inflammatory antioxidants
& antibacterial ingredients, like turmeric, ginger & manuka honey

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Jamu Juice For Him

Jamu Juice for Him with Tongkat Ali, Habbastu Sauda and Ginger is suitable for men seeking to increase their fitness and overall wellness.

  • What is Jamu

    Jamu is an ancient Javanese health drink believed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom era, c. 1300 years ago. - Jamu is an Indonesian herbal drink, and hundreds of versions exist. All are predominantly made from natural herbs.

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  • Why Jamu Juice

    Our homemade Jamu Juice is all about the wonder superfood turmeric, which holds an active enzyme called Curcumin. Adding black pepper is vital to turmeric, making it more bioavailable.

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  • Why Choose Us

    While other brands in the market use instant ingredients in their production, we freshly made them from home and handpicked our ingredients from the highest quality possible. And we source only from local sellers and distributors, whom we are proud to support.

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