About Us

Nisa Qhalisya, the founder of JawdaHerbs, began her journey as an online entrepreneur in 2018. She started by selling homemade juice to a small community on Facebook and has since grown the business to the point where it now sells over 500 bottles every month.

Over the years, our products have garnered significant recognition and positive feedback. Recognizing the potential, Nisa's husband, Han Mohamad, seized the opportunity and decided to expand the venture. This marked the birth of the JawdaHerbs.sg online store in August 2022, aimed at spreading the goodness and benefits of our Homemade Jamu Juice.

Our Guarantees

Customer satisfaction holds paramount importance to us. We are not merely seeking one-time shoppers; rather, our goal is to provide exceptional service that fosters enduring relationships with our customers.

Our Product

We craft our Jamu Juice in the confines of our home, utilizing exclusively premium ingredients handpicked by our expert brewer. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients solely from local sellers and suppliers, as part of our commitment to support our local community.

Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to create healthy, delightful, and innovative natural beverages that cater to the discerning modern consumer.


Quality: We exclusively source simple, natural ingredients of the highest caliber from fair-trade suppliers. Our production occurs in small batches, ensuring the utmost quality and meticulous attention in each and every bottle.

Taste: Our products consistently deliver a taste that is pure, decadent, and delightful.

Integrity: JawdaHerbs remains unwavering in upholding its founding mission and vision.


Our vision encompasses becoming a renowned enterprise celebrated for producing and vending top-notch traditional herbal supplements.

We wholeheartedly welcome and value all questions and comments. You can reach us at support@jawdaherbs.sg.