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Jamu Juice For Her | 1L Glass Bottle

Jamu Juice For Her | 1L Glass Bottle

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Why Jamu Juice FOR HER  is good for you?

Jamu Juice has anti-inflammatory antioxidants & antibacterial ingredients, like turmeric, ginger & manuka honey.

👉This drink concentrates powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce joint pain & stiffness.It also increases your body’s metabolic rate, improves intestinal movement & encourages proper digestion of food.

👉In addition, it may reduce the risk of cancer.
The antioxidants concentrated in turmeric positively affect the destruction of the free radicals & abnormal cells associated with cancer.

👉The regular consumption of jamu juice is also an excellent way to keep bad cholesterol & triglyceride levels in line.

Additional benefits of Jamu Juice for her;
✔ Enhances external & internal energy & stamina
✔ Relieve trapped wind
✔ Treat internal & external wounds after childbirth.
✔ Tighten vagina muscles
✔ Improve blood circulation
✔ Strengthen the body's immune system
✔ Strengthen sagging muscles
✔ Strengthen the uterus
✔ Resolve vaginal discharge & odour

With our add-on ingredients, it gives more benefits, and it tastes a whole lot better too.

Jamu juice is not recommended for people with gallbladder stones and is not suitable for pregnant woman.

100% Homemade
Product of Singapore

Recommended Serving:
100ml to 200ml once a day


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What is Homemade Jamu Juice Recomended Serving?

100ml to 200ml per day, best consumed every morning.

Shake well before consumed

Keep Refrigerated


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